Serial-to-parallel Conversion Box BLG-IF2


● The BLG-IF2 is a conversion box to convert the signal transmission of the BLG-BC2 driver from serial communication to parallel communication.
With the BLG-IF2 the driver can be interlocked with external devices such as a PLC by using input and output signals.

● Add the function of channel conversion to maximize the efficiency of BLG-BC2.
* Keeping 4 setting patterns about setting values like screw tightening number and pulse to be exchanged by PLC.

* The BLG BC2 I/O Cable needs to be purchased additionally.

Serial-to-parallel Conversion Box BLG-IF2




Compatible Screwdrivers

  • BLG-BC2 series

  • 185g
  • 95×75×20 mm
  • BLG-4000BC2/BLG-4000BC2-LT/BLG-5000BC2/BLG-5000BC2-15/BLG-5000BC2-18/BLG-5000BC2-HT/BLG-7000BC2