Message from the President

Message from the President

HIOS Inc. has specialized in the manufacture of screw tightening equipment since its inauguration in 1970, and we continue to develop our business today while considering the global environment and improving overall work efficiency.

From a historical perspective, our Company’s electric current control M series acted as the prototype for the start of air screwdrivers during Japan’s post-war economic boom. This gave rise to the development of our CL series with attached mechanical clutch, offering compact size and low voltage design, ensuring accurate and safe screw tightening.

Our VZ series of AC screwdrivers traces its origins to the field of precision equipment assembly, but this range of products remains an industry leader in Japan to this day.

Our recently developed BL series of brushless screwdrivers (registered trademark) have recently started to attract attention for their high durability. These have been developed as environmentally friendly screw tightening electric screwdrivers that do not produce any harmful carbon grains.

We anticipate all next generation electric screwdrivers to follow this trend.

Profile of the President
Katsuyuki TotsuPresident
戸津 勝行

Born in July


Founded Totsu laboratory and began development of the Totsu screw – a new design of slotted screw – and electric screwdrivers.


Founded HIOS INC. and began development and sale of screwdrivers, screws, and torque meters.


Developed Totsupura screw based on the idea that achieving stable quality control would be impossible without improvements to conventional screws. Launched this product into commercial use in 1999.


Awarded the Minister of Education, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan’s Science and Technology Prize. Received Japan’s National Medal of Honor with yellow ribbon the following year.

With the motto of “There is no such thing as perfect,” Totsu remains active in developing new products and addressing customer issues. As the president of HIOS Inc., Totsu holds over 200 domestic and international patents.