About Drivers
  • If motor doesn’t work, is it a trouble?

    In case that the disconnection of cord is confirmed, it is very dangerous so please make it repaired immediately.
    Sometimes carbon brush is worn away, in that case, please change it as new one.
  • The power of driver is so weak that it can’t screw up tightly, is it a trouble?

    It may be because torque setting is not in order, so please check the table of 'Standard of output torque'
    Sometimes carbon brush is worn away, in that case, please change it as new one.
  • When should carbon brush be changed?

    The limit of use is up to the slot in the side of carbon brush.
    To keep high efficiency, do not use it excessively and if it passes the slot, please change it as soon as possible.
  • Please let me know how to change carbon brush.

    Turn and remove the cap of carbon brush whose slot is removed by the minus driver.
  • How is the standard of torque adjustment?

    Please refer to the table of ‘Standard of output torque’ written on the driver instructions attached at the time of purchase.
About Recruit
  • Is there employee collection?

    Our overseas branches and factories are not recruiting new employees at this time.
About Repair
  • Where should we request the repair?

    Please ask the agency・selling agent where you purchased.
    (As for the warranty period, you should submit the warranty letter.)
  • Is it impossible to request directly?

    After making the company informed, it depends on the situation.
    If a customer sends goods to the company directly due to his condition, our company charges the fare.
  • From what amount, is it an expensive repair?

    It’s the case that repair fare is over 70% of the price of new product.In this case, at first, we make the customers informed or return goods to them and if they still want to repair, we will do it.
About Warranty
  • Is the warranty letter available all over the world?

    It is available only in Japan.
  • Is there any conditions during the period of warranty?

    They are written on the warranty letter of the instructions. So please check the document. And although they are during the period of warranty, the followings will be charged.
    troubles from undirected way such as out of order usage, repair at other company and conversion, shock.
    troubles or damages from carelessness in use, unsuitable disassembling, repair and conversion.
    troubles happened after purchase from falling down or transportation.
    troubles or damages from fire, gas explosion, earthquake, damage from storm and flood, the falling of a thunderbolt, abnormal voltage and other natural disasters.
    In case that the letter of the name of customer, the date of selling, the name of agency and the official stamp of the agency is changed.
    It is impossible to issue the warranty letter again.
    Inquiry: If the contents and reason of troubles are found, we will let customers informed.
  • The power of driver is so weak that it can’t screw up tightly.

    t may be because the torque setting is not adequate. Please check it by HP series or refer to the table of ‘Standard output of torque’ of the instructions.
  • There is a strange sound from the driver and sometimes it stops or it doesn’t work properly.

    It may be because the carbon brush is worn away so please change it as new one.
  • Although I insert cord to the outlet and switch on, the switch has no light.

    Please change the fuse of power transistor.
    Sometimes they consider normal work of power transistor after lighting as troubles, so please check the working situations.
    In case the power transistor is broken down, please repair it.
    In case the driver cord is not good, please purchase new one.