Our approach to the earth environment has stayed the same until now.

Since the establishment of HIOS Inc. in 1943, we have been working on the development of products concerned with the environment and safety and endeavoring for the work efficiency and an improvement of fastening screws in the assembly field of the precision instrument.

Environmentally friendly Brushless screwdriver

Switchover from brush motor to brushless motor removes conventional harmful particle of carbon brush. It provides the cleaning working environment and makes it possible to obtain economize energy. The endurance of the products have been greatly improved.

Temperature rises reduced approximately 30%
Power consumption Energy consumption reduced approximately 50%
Noise, RFI
64%~85% reduction in peak values
※ Comparative data provided by HIOS

Recycling screw “Totsupura Screw”

Maintain the compatibility of conventional plus screws and reduce the cam out problems. It leads to the improvement of qualified work in fastening and great production efficiency. Also, it is easy to tighten and remove screw and it has great advance in recycle.

Defective rate of fastening screws reduced approximately 90%.
※ Comparative data provided by HIOS