Vertical Screwdriver Operating Stand VMS-40


The stand keeps the screwdriver in a vertical position, allowing accurate screw tightening.

Vertical Screwdriver Operating Stand VMS-40



Applicable screwdrivers

Pole height(mm)


  • 2.5
  • BLG-4000BC2、BLG-5000BC2、BLG-4000BC1、BLG-5000BC1、BLG-4000、 BLG-5000、BL-2000、 BL-3000、 BL-5000、BL-7000、CL-2000、 CL-3000、 CL-4000、CL-6500、CL-7000、VZ-1510
  • 515
  • Screwdriver holder ※ (1pc) originally Mounted
    Pole (1pc)
    Arm stopper (1pc)
    Arm set (1pc)
    Pole holder (1pc)
    Base (1pc)
    Mount ring (1pc) (for CL-2000)

Screwdriver Holder

Model Holder Model No. (Order code)
BLG-BC2 Series BLG-4000BC2/BLG-5000BC2 VMS-0900-BLG45
BLG-BC1 Series BLG-4000BC1/BLG-5000BC1
BLG-ZERO1 Series BLG-4000ZERO1/BLG-5000ZERO1
BLG Series BLG-4000/BLG-5000
BL Series BL-7000 VMS-0900-BL7
VZ Series VZ-1510/VZ-1510PS VMS50-0190