Thanks to the round tapered guide the driver bit automatically slides towards the center of the screw recess.
Intrhex is all about work efficiency and perfect fit.
Also, there is no need to worry about damage to the screw head by bit spinning on the surface of screw’s head.
Even beginners could perform very precise tightening.

Shape comparison


Shape of driver bit tip:Tapered
The new design features a 140° round tapered shape for easier entry into the screw recess with smooth fitting.

Conventional hex driver bit

Shape of driver bit tip:Flat
The tip of the driver bit is flat and that makes difficult to insert it to the screw recess. The driver bit can also slip when fastening the screw and that damages the screw head.

A new, exceptionally stable design

1st StepSlide
The round guide automatically slides the driver bit towards the screw recess.
2st StepMeet
The step of the driver bit and incircle of the screw help to quickly determine fitting position.
Unlike conventional hex driver bit, Intrhex driver bit won’t go into freewheeling on the surface of screw recess.
3st StepIndex/Fit
A slight rotation of the driver bit achieves a perfect fit with the screw.