with O-ring Waterproof Screw


●Its highly airtight and watertight feature makes it an ideal component for protecting electronic and precision equipments from water.
●As the screws are produced in our own factory, we meet your demand as to their quality, as well as price, mass production and quick delivery.
●Our original recess with outstanding fitness accuracy compared to existing screws minimizes the possibility of cam-out due to the fastening load.
Furthermore, its fitness makes the recess ideal for automatic production, where high accuracy is required.


Types of Recommended Recesses

for improved workability
for tamperproof
for tamperproof
Hios Clover
for tamperproof
Totsupura<br><span>for improved workability</span> Intrtorque<br><span>for tamperproof</span> Intrfive<br><span>for tamperproof</span> Hios Clover<br><span>for tamperproof</span>