ScrewDrivers for Automatic Machines "PGF Series" and "BLF Series" have been certified as UR+ products.

The "PGF series" and "BLF series" drivers for automatic machines have acquired product certification for the "UR+" peripheral device platform for the UR collaborative robot manufactured by Universal Robots.
Compatible collaborative robots are all UR e series models, and UR+ compatible products will be released from February 2023.
At the same time, the plug-in software "HIOS Screwdrinving System" for Universal Robots UR e series will be released on February 7, 2023.
●Features of UR+ products
 Two drivers for automatic machines that have been popular for some time have been arranged and released for collaborative robots manufactured by UR.
 A wide range of lineup from precision low torque to high torque with standard model and high-end model.
 UR's modern and intuitive operational feel expands the degree of freedom for high-quality, high-precision screw tightening.
 High-end model: PGF series
 Standard model: BLF series
 ・Seamless control of the driver and robot with a single teach pendant.
 ・Complicated device settings have become easier, lowering the barriers to automation and making it more flexible.
 ・It is possible to program screw pick-up status monitoring from the screw feeder and screwdriver rotation control.
 ・You can set the force and speed of the descent to prevent problems caused by the thrust force that tends to occur when tightening screws.
Automating the screw tightening process reduces variations in work process and assembly speeds, leading to stable product quality improvements.
UR cobots and UR+ from HIOS help users who are doing manual screw tightening to automate and take their production performance to a new level.
Already automated users will strongly assist manufacturers in improving productivity, product quality or worker safety.