Notice of BLG-BC2 Specification Change

We would like to announce the change in specification of “BLG-BC2” series. The details are as below.

1. Items
※including derived and different drive bit models.

2. Changes
I/O port shape from phone connector type to insert to lock type.
※Same type as BLG-4000BC2-LT and BLG-7000BC2.

Only BLG-BC2-3012 will be adaptable after model change.
BLG-BC2-3010 is not compatible.

3. Effective
From PO date of June 21st 2020
※Prices will remain the same.

4. Before Effective Date
BLG-BC2-3012 model is available before the effective date. Please contact us if you need.

Please feel free to ask your contact person if any questions.