Fake HIOS items

As always, thank you for using HIOS products.


We found many fake items that look a lot like HIOS products are marketed.

These fake HIOS items are available on online auctions and carried by unauthorized HIOS distributors both nationally and internationally.


In spite of the fact that the items are not designed and made by HIOS, HIOS logo, trademarks, etc. are used on them illegally.


Besides, they do not meet with the HIOS standard for quality that would cause troubles and failures to the devices you use.


For safety purpose it is strongly suggested not to use such fake items.


※HIOS are not responsible for any liability, damage and expenses arising in connection with the use and sale of such fake HIOS items.


●Examples of fake items

・DC Screwdrivers: CL-4000/CL-6500/CL-7000

・Power Supply: CLT-50 (discontinued model)

・Torque Meter: HP-10/HP-100/HDP-5/HDP-50


To purchase HIOS genuine products

It is strongly suggested to purchase HIOS products through HIOS authorized distributors available on our website below.