National Medals of Honor in Spring Received Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 2007

Recognized achievement: Development and invention of recyclable screws

Sponsored by: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


Medal with Yellow Ribbon was awarded to our representative director Katsuyuki Totsu as a part of National Medals of Honor in Spring in 2007.


He was praised for a great achievement through many years of diligence in his duties and inventions and improvements of products. The investiture was held in Josui Hall in Tokyo on May 16, 2007 and he was honored to be presented at the Imperial Palace in the afternoon.

-Medal with Yellow Ribbon-

Awarded to a person who is devoted to his works and becomes a role model to people.

It was founded during the privilege system revision of 1955. First awarded to Shotaro Amazaki in Hokkaido who worked diligently for many years to improve paddy-rice farming technology. Total 600 people have received this medal, with 500 people receiving the award after the war every year. In the privilege system revision of 2003 it was decided the award would recognize people who had different techniques that became a good example to people and who were diligent in their duties on the front line, and to also increase the number of the people who received the medal.