The Technical Award in The Scientific and Engineering Award in 2006Recognized by the Minister of MEXT

Recognized achievement: Development of recyclable screw

Sponsored by: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


The Technical Award was awarded to our representative director Katsuyuki Totsu by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in The Scientific and Engineering Award in 2006.

This award is given to a developer of a superior technology that contributes to development of economy and scientific technology with a focus on the scientific technology and technical fields.


There was a crucial issue surrounding the basic function of the highly demanded international standard cross screw which many have experienced in that, when tightening the screw using a screwdriver, at a certain point the screwdriver rises up out of the screw head as you work to tighten the screw more. Past this point the screw cannot be tightened or loosened further.

This development paid attention to the cross screw, for which the basic standard had not changed since the 1930s, and after prototyping and experimenting many samples in various ways, driver head design to be straighter against the taper was discovered, and with this improvement, conventional tools can be used, the screwdriver did not rise with cross-shaped screws, and the screw featured various kinds of functions.

This development can be applied to International Standard screws, and it is possible to manufacture using traditional methods without damaging the cross head and secure screw tightening quality especially when using an automatic screwdriver. This development is eco-friendly and effective for recycling because of the ease of removing screws in each stage of the production cycle, including assembly, and particularly in the final disposal stage.

It has been adopted for quality and efficient production, economic improvement in industries with large-scale production such as bicycles, copiers, liquid crystal televisions, PCs, and digital cameras. It is possible that this becomes a substitute in all areas, resulting in a contribution to society in a broad sense.


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