Electric Screwdriver PGF series and BLF series
certified as "UR+" products

The "PGF Series" and "BLF Series" of drivers for automatic machines have finally obtained product certification for the "UR+" peripheral device platform for cooperative robots manufactured by Universal Robots. The area of compatibility will start in Japan and gradually expand to the rest of the world. By utilizing cooperative robots from Universal Robots and the UR+ offered by Hios, users who have been manually tightening screws will be able to automate and help take their production performance to a new level. For those who have already automated, we will strongly support manufacturers to improve productivity, product quality, or worker safety.
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Seamless control with a single teach pendant

At the same time, we will start providing plug-in software "HIOS-Fastening-System" for Universal Robots UR e series.
With a single UR teach pendant, you can seamlessly experience driver and robot control. UR's modern and intuitive operation solves the issues and barriers associated with automating the screw tightening process, with unprecedented high quality and precision screw tightening. For example, by controlling the thrust force using the force sensor that is standard on UR's collaborative robots, it is possible to improve the accuracy of screw tightening more accurately with a feeling close to that of a human hand.

UR+ Compatible Products Lineup

The long-popular screwdrivers for automatic machines have been rearranged and released for use with UR's cooperative robots. The lineup includes standard and high-end models with a wide range of precision torque settings from low torque to high torque. UR's modern and intuitive operation expands the degree of freedom for high-quality, high-precision screw tightening.
Standard Attachment variation for suction Features of Electric Screwdrivers
PGF Series


suction type
PGFQ / PGFR (For deep hole)
Equipped with a pass/fail judgment function to determine
if it has been properly tightened.
Traceable data output function
BLF Series
BLF-2000 / BLF-5000
BLF-7000 / BLF-7025X

suction type
BLFQ / BLFR (For deep hole)
Stable repeatable torque accuracy
* As of February 2023.
UR+compatible electric screwdrivers are also available with the related equipment needed for screw tightening. In addition to the electric screwdriver, there are other elements required for system and robot connection, ranging from key equipment such as screw feeders and signal converter boxes to mounting flanges and plug-in software.
  • Robot arm attachment
  • Compatible with a wide variety of screws
    Screw Feeder HSV-RB
  • Convert NPN to PNP
    signal converter for power
    supply HS-WC-PNP
  • Driver power and control
    controller BLT-AY-PNP