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Working on Screws for 50 Years。 Working on Screws for 50 Years。

Since its foundation in 1970, we have earnestly continued to develop “screws” for 50 years while advocating their importance. It all started with the development of the "Totsu Screw," which was an improved version of a slotted screw. People widely used slotted screws back then; however, their drawback was that the screwdriver slipped sideways when fastening, making it difficult to fasten the screws. One day, I was working on cars and motorcycles as a hobby and came up with an idea to prevent the screw slipping: make a recess in the center of a slotted screw and a protrusion on the tip of the screwdriver. When I tried it, I could prevent slipping. That was the moment "Totsu Screw" was born.

Thanks to this idea, Totsu Screw was highly regarded and came into the limelight. It was adopted in the assembly of watches, radio-cassette players, video game machines, and so forth, and quickly boosted the production efficiency of manufacturing. At the same time, we also worked on the development of an electric screwdriver for precision equipment assembly. We developed the world’s first dial-type electric screwdriver with electric current control.

Screws are essential for industrial products and are often metaphorically referred to as the “rice” of industry. However, their importance was not always understood. And unfortunately, the general idea was that prices should be cheaper. I feel that idea is changing now. Robots are being used at production sites to promote automation of factories. Robots do not have the "sense" or "sensitive judgment" of humans. You can operate them only by giving instructions by numbers while keeping constant conditions.Even the most popular crosshead screws today are not stable enough in quality. There are many cases where robots stop due to screw fastening errors, and such problems are attracting attention. If a robot stops, there will be a big loss. Thus, screws with stable quality and high precision are wanted more than ever. Use of high-quality and high-precision screws improves factory productivity as well as product quality. A single screw can create value 100 or 1,000 times its price or even more than that.

During this revolutionary period for screws, HIOS is proud to offer Intrtorque®. Intrtorque® is a screw with a star-shape on the head – it is called Hexalobular in Japan. Although Hexalobular had few factors that caused it to be unstable, unlike a crosshead screw, it had poor workability due to wobbling. We added a recess in the center just like Totsu Screw to completely prevent wobbling. In addition, this improvement achieves constant and better stability in automation that requires high accuracy, resulting in a greatly reduced defect rate. I am convinced that Intrtorque® is the screw needed exactly in this era.

HIOS will continue to appeal the importance of screws and pursue the highest quality.

Katsuyuki Totsu, President, HIOS INC.

Katsuyuki Totsu