Amazingly reliable fitting

Screw fastening errors due to Screw wobbling can be reduced remarkably. Lateral screw fastening can also be stably done. Super Point precisely fits to a screw recess without damaging it and doesn’t scratch off the plating on the screw head surface.

Outstanding operability

An operator no longer has to hold a screw while fastening it or has to change the way to hold a screwdriver each time. Thus, the workload of the operator can be reduced and work efficiency is improved.

Ideal for automation

Super Point allows INTRTORQUE to support the automatic screw feeder* which used to be difficult to work with. Then INTRTORQUE can prove its potential for automation in which high accuracy and stability are required. *(Available size: JCIS M1.2 and larger.)

Comparison of work efficiency

Lateral tightening (tighten)


Lateral tightening (loosen)


Compatible with
Screw feeders